The most widespread cats diseases

Cats can hurt the most different diseases, including the general with the person: diabetes, arthritis, diseases of heart and others. Is most often meeting among cat’s a disease and to define them at an early stage, it is necessary to watch closely health of the pet. There are some general signs, saying that it is necessary to show your favourite to the veterinarian.

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Problems with sight at cats

Despite hvaleny cat’s sight, these animals too are not insured from diseases and difficulties with eyes. Thus owners, as a rule, cannot distinguish such problems at having a tail, and at all always understand that their cat has a blindness. Author: Alexey Igoshin

expert of the company Igoshin A.V.

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It is time to bathe a dog!

Dogs very much like to bathe, and during the summer period is not only pleasure, but also a fine way to be refreshed. However in order that the pet did not catch thus an infection, did not catch a cold and did not wound a paw, to bathe a dog it is necessary correctly, choosing for this purpose safe places and observing the basic rules of hygiene. It is time to bathe a dog! Continue reading

How to give to a cat an injection

At many owners of cats prospect to give injections to the pet causes silent horror. To seize a favourite being, to immobilize it moreover to thrust in a flesh a needle it seems simply an atrocity. Thus owners often worry and about themselves loved, after all gentle the favourite, in such situation would not be what, it can and seize. How to give an injection with the minimum problems for both? How to give to a cat an injection Continue reading

Modern ways of fight against parasites

Any owner of a cat or a dog continually faces a problem of parasites at the pet. Fleas, pincers, власоеды – the worst enemies of animals who make the life miserable not only having a tail, but also to their owners. Fortunately, for fight against them there are many modern ways. Let’s understand, what are most convenient. Modern ways of fight against parasites Continue reading

Changes at tiny dogs

At dwarfish breeds of dog changes meet much more more often than at their averages and large relatives. First of all, it is caused by dimensions of the pet, to be exact a ratio of the sizes of a dog and world around. Changes at tiny dogs Continue reading