Food allergy at animals: do not try to cure!

are even more often made Recently to animals the diagnosis "food allergy". The main reasons for such illness well are known for everything is a bad ecology and poor quality of products which domestic pets eat. Unfortunately, the combination of these factors leads to bigger distribution of allergic reactions to food components. Author: Victoria Besedina

dermatologist, therapist of the company Vikvet

Food allergy at animals: do not try to cure!

"Approximately" to distinguish food allergy from other diseases (such as atopic dermatitis, саркоптоз, нотоэдроз) it is impossible for the owner of an animal. And the owner of a dog should not self-medicate, for example: to make the diagnosis, to interrogate acquaintances and neighbors, than it is better to treat the pet from «почесухи and sick ears». The matter is that symptoms of dermatological diseases are very similar, and the majority of the people who do not have vocational education, all define them as «red, is scratched moreover and deprive jumped».

Often at hypersensitivity manifestation to allergen at an animal «the forward part» – muzzle area, ears, a neck suffers. But at once I pay attention: the same symptoms meet and at atopic dermatitis therefore, having noticed inadvertently something from the above-stated signs, do not hurry to make at all the diagnosis!

Food allergy at animals: do not try to cure!

Reliable information about bad heredity concerning intolerance of any food component while is not present. However pedigree predisposition to food allergy at animals exists. At dogs it is such breeds, as a German shepherd, a golden retriever, a beagle, the boxer, a Shar-Pei, the Labrador, a dachshund, a rodziysky ridgeback, a spaniel. At cats – Siamese, Persian, Burma.

The pear hangs – it is impossible to eat

Than it is better not to feed the pet? In most cases at animals allergic reaction is shown on protein. The most widespread allergens are a chicken, beef, fish. But it is not necessary to be frightened and run at once to a bowl of an animal rather to throw out chicken or a forage on her basis. In this case I give an example from humane medicine: someone from you, dear readers, adores oranges and all citrus, and is ready to eat them in kgs, if only forces sufficed. At the same time, for certain, there will be readers who after word reading "citron" will have a rash on hands and the slight itch will begin … Therefore it is best of all to adhere to the general recommendations – not to give to an animal sweet, flour, sour, salty and fried.

Be treated, treated – and be not scratched any more!

Food allergy at animals: do not try to cure!
If you have to face allergy treatment, remember, please, some important rules.

First, the doctor can treat her only. Secondly, process of identification of allergic reaction takes quite long time and demands the maximum return, both from the veterinarian, and from the owner of an animal.

At first the doctor will recommend you excluding diet – appoints such protein and such carbohydrates which your pet never received earlier. To eat on a new diet it will be necessary within 6-8 weeks, then for 2 weeks return a former diet and estimate a condition of an animal.

Certainly, the disease earlier will be revealed, the it is less probability that "friends companions" will manage to join it in the form of secondary microflora, a bacterial inflammation of skin which demand additional diagnostics and treatment.

Food allergy at animals: do not try to cure!
I want to emphasize especially that in a free access of preparations for treatment of food allergy does not exist. All drugs which ask from sellers of a veterinary drugstore, have only two properties: to remove symptoms and to raise glucose level in blood: and you after all know that such diabetes. Do not self-medicate. Remember: simply so ears do not hurt and are not scratched, and the muzzle – does not redden.

If started …

Unfortunately, if to neglect an allergic disease, it can bring not to with the most pleasant consequences. It and narrowing of acoustical pass (that can lead to deafness), and combed in blood a muzzle and ears (in especially hard cases sepsis can begin), and in case of not assistance the animal can be lost! And to the owner of a suffering animal not in pleasure, during walk all passersby will feel sorry for a poor doggie.

Food allergy at animals: do not try to cure!

Remember: if at night you woke up from that your dog or a cat is madly strongly scratched, it means only one: means it is necessary to write down urgently the pet to the doctor. From an allergy of an animal suffer all: both pet, and owner. Also it is not known, who is more. At an allergy to protein the animal tests so strong itch that often even corticosteroids (hormones) cannot help! And if allergen is found, the small chest opens simply – do not give the products containing allergen, to the pet, and all will be happy.

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